As sons, we had the privilege of inheriting the passion for this job from our father, Claudio Gattafoni, who taught us professionalism, dedication, and respect for people.

We were born and are currently living in the heart of the Italian shoemaking art, the Marche region, a very fertile and generous land to grow in, take root, and take flight.

Our history started in 1970. It has constantly evolved until reaching today’s quality improvement: with value consistency, we devote our energies and our expertise to our growth, collaborating with the major players in the luxury and ultra-luxury shoe world.

Evolving doesn’t mean breaking with the past. Instead, it represents the natural development of history. Our research starts with ourselves. We move forward driven by our memory and with an eye on the future.

Thanks to an artisan background committed to the manufacturing tradition, we make the most advanced industrial processes our own. Our research, our designing skills, and our management of every element and every phase combine with our expertise.

The secret to satisfying the needs of our customers is our experience, both in design and production, which makes us able to interact, together with the product managers, with any player in our clients’ value chain: from the stylist to the worker.

Our purpose is to follow the whole process, which, from the stylist’s design to the final sole, while predicting difficulties, solving problems and facilitating the fluidity of the process.